Sunday, November 26, 2006

Dia -397

Faz-me o Favor
Faz-me o favor de não dizer absolutamente nada!
Supor o que dirá
Tua boca velada
É ouvir-te já.
É ouvir-te melhor
Do que o dirias.
O que és nao vem à flor
Das caras e dos dias.
Tu és melhor - muito melhor!-
Do que tu.
Não digas nada.
Sê Alma do corpo nu
Que do espelho se vê.
Mário Cesariny (1923 - 2006)
O poeta morre. A poesia não.


Anonymous said...

Had never heard of this poet. When I finished reading this poem, I felt like an adopted child who was torn from its mother's breast; I was taught many things that were not my own. I integrated very well. Adjusted remarkably to anyone looking from the outside. But the things that really touch my soul and that I find myself longing for, are the things that were stolen from me. The things of my culture, such as this wonderful poet, and so many more that I cannot even begin to imagine. How does one recapture a lifetime that should have been? At least I am grateful that somehow, intuitively, I never forgot the Portuguese language, although I never lived anywhere near a Portuguese community in the past forty years since I left Portugal.

Elisa said...

Hi Melly
in theory anyone could live a lot of different 'lifes'... in its own lifetime... but we make some choices (or anyone else make that choices for us) and we loose all those lifes we could lived if we had decided in a different way... so you lost something but I am sure that you have gain something too... by living in the US instead of living in Portugal. I think that the american culture is not a great thing... but I don't know it very well (well, I mean... we are all exposed to that kind of culture of course)... but Portugal is not a great country as we use to say: home is where our heart is... but as Gabriel Garcia Marquez said: 'heart is like a brothel... it have so many rooms!*' :-) I guess we could have little bits of different cultures and different little bits of different lifes and persons inside us... I don't know... I don't know a lot of things...

* in portuguese it would be: 'o coração é como uma casa de putas, têm muitos quartos'

Anonymous said...

Thanks Elisa,
I laughed so hard! I love these Portuguese sayings. One of my favorites from my grandfather was
"Tens pernas e não tens cabeça e quando tiveres cabeça, não terás pernas"

Yes, you are right. American culture leaves a lot to be desired. I have been a conscientious objector, politically and socially. Many are incensed that I do not embrace it like so many immigrants, what this country has to offer. But I do not fall into the mold. What I value, cannot be safeguarded in a bank. Or behind the walls of a gated community. I refuse to turn my back on the America that lives on the other side, behind the mask.

I have to snap out of it...I sound so one attends a pity party, right?


Elisa said...

Of course M. there must be lots of americas inside America.
I have no doubts about it.
Hum... that quote is not a portuguese saying... and not so funny as the one from your grandfather... but we have lots of these sayings... about everything.